About the Builder

Harry Miller III.  A Family Passion for Building.

Harry Miller III, the developer of Noble’s Pond, is a builder’s builder. His passion for the craft and creativity of home construction is legendary. Harry, a third-generation builder, shares his story in his own words:

Building is in my DNA. My passion and inspiration come from my paternal grandfather Harry Miller Sr. A self-employed carpenter turned builder in southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware, he constructed his own home and the homes of neighbors who quickly became friends. My father, Harry Miller Jr., was also a builder and inspiration.

As his business grew, Grandfather Miller built homes in neighborhoods with a strong sense of community. Harry Sr. incorporated his values into every project—passion for the work and honesty in all business transactions. His aim was to build quality homes that would house families for generations to come.   

I’m reminded of my grandfather every time I sit down to a meal at the dining table he built that now stands proudly in our home. Although I don’t pretend to fill his shoes, I am honored to follow in his path.

After 30 years of traditional home construction, I shifted my focus about 10 years ago to develop Noble’s Pond, a community where adults in the prime of their life could enjoy a vibrant lifestyle, spend less time on home maintenance, and experience a strong sense of belonging. While a one-size-fits-all approach may be right for some projects, the focus at Noble’s Pond is on homes that can be customized to the needs and lifestyles of their owners. We like to tell buyers, “If you can dream it, we will build it!”

Our design and construction teams partner with buyers to design beautiful, easy-living homes. Beyond the residences themselves, we work to deliver a home building and buying experience that is second to none. That experience includes complimentary, professional interior design services.  

From choosing paint colors to designing a furniture plan, our talented professionals help owners create homes that are picture perfect on move-in day. We also provide complimentary home-staging assistance to help Noble’s Pond buyers sell their current homes quickly and profitably.

I feel confident Grandfather Miller would be proud of what Noble’s Pond has become. His vision and love of community continue to be at the heart of everything we do. He and Grandmother Miller would feel right at home here – taking an active role in designing their own home and connecting with the engaging residents who have made Noble’s Pond their home.