Memorial Day Is a Time of Reflection for Noble’s Pond Veterans

Memorial Day is a special time here in the Noble’s Pond neighborhood. So many of the homeowners have served our country and continue to give back to charities and organizations honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.

Our Veterans Association was formed so that these sacrifices are never forgotten. They played a vital role in securing a space at the entrance of our community dedicated to honoring prisoners of war, as well as a memorial plaque in our Clubhouse that honors Noble’s Pond neighbors who served and have passed on.

Our veterans’ impact in our community has been immeasurable, but so has their impact outside of it. They support organizations, such as Wreaths Across America and volunteer with local organizations. With Noble’s Pond being just a short drive away from the Dover Air Force Base, many of our homeowners — including non-veterans — have had the opportunity to connect with and give back to those currently serving.

Men and women who have served share a kinship unlike any other. Under normal circumstances, the Veterans Association meets regularly to plan philanthropic pursuits, as well as celebrations for Memorial Day, Veterans Day and other patriotic events. Though the ways in which we honor our fallen troops may be a little bit different this Memorial Day, This year, our Veterans Association will host an outdoor ceremony by the community flag with the request that homeowners remain six feet from one another and wear masks, as recommended by social distancing guidelines.

It’s clear that, for our veterans, the commitment to serving is a lifelong one:

“As Air Force veterans, you could say service is a way of life for Marita and me. That is one of the reasons we were so please to discover that many of our neighbors at Noble’s Pond are also service-minded.” – Ed and Marita, Retired Air Force & Noble’s Pond Homeowners

To our veterans, we thank you for all you did for our country and all you continue to do to honor those who served and support those who are serving today.

Happy Memorial Day!

Please call 302-240-4150 to learn more about Noble’s Pond’s Veterans Association and the programs we created to honor veterans.