Air Force Veterans “Land” at Noble’s Pond

As Air Force veterans, you could say service is a way of life for Marita and me. That’s one reason my wife and I were so pleased to discover that many residents of Noble’s Pond are also service-minded, and very involved in local non-profits and charitable events. Marita and I met while we were both serving in the Air Force. When it was time to retire and settle down, we had several criteria. Of course we wanted a beautiful, comfortable home in a community with plenty of amenities. We also wanted to be more or less halfway between our two families and not too far from our grown daughters who live in Maine. A big consideration, however, was finding a community near an Air Force Base. We found everything we were looking for at Noble’s Pond.

We both volunteer at Dover Air Force Base, and really enjoy keeping up with active service men and women, and meeting fellow veterans. Marita volunteers in the base Physical Therapy Clinic and I volunteer in the base Pharmacy, as well as at the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover Air Force Base, which is a top stop for Delaware visitors! The base needs volunteers to help provide the many services offered onsite, and we find great satisfaction in offering our hands-on assistance. We were pleased to learn that Noble’s Pond has an active veterans group, which has been a natural way for us to make friends. There are so many volunteer opportunities here. Residents and staff area involved with Meals on Wheels, fundraising for various charitable organizations, Special Olympics and other community programs. Meeting new friends who also are active volunteers and who care about helping others is one of our favorite things about living at Noble’s Pond.

Ed and Marita Odell

Noble’s Pond Residents

Retired, Air Force