The Places You’ll Go – An Alaskan Excursion

One of the most wonderful things about being a part of community like ours is the unique opportunity to enrich your life through travel. New destinations are yours to discover when you sign up for a Noble’s Pond adventure. Organized by activities and lifestyle director, our most recent trip took visitors on a voyage through beautiful Alaska.

The excursion began in the city of Fairbanks where everyone had a shot at striking it rich panning for gold. From there, the group traveled to Denali which was a sight to see – even moose and bear posed for a Kodiak moment! The group made their way by rail and then by cruise ship sailing along Glacier Bay as they watched for whales. Here they witnessed mighty glaciers, impressive waterfalls and turquoise-blue waters. It was quite remarkable! Next, our adventurers hit Skagway, state capital Juneau and then Ketchikan. Throughout, there was shopping, good eats, laughter and tons of pictures.

After twelve epic days trekking through the Last Frontier State, the group came home to their community to share their experiences. It’s hard to contain the excitement travel brings, so it’s no surprise that there are more trips in the works. Being able to book at group rates and take advantage of discounts makes our trips more affordable; the more you save here, the more you can do! For the remainder of 2018 our activities guru has planned a bus trip to Cape Cod and a riverboat cruise through the Christmas markets along the Rhine River in Germany. Next year we will offer a riverboat cruise, “Romance of the Rhine and Mosel,” a bus trip to the Smokey Mountains and a trip to the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany.

You’ve worked hard, and your retirement years should be filled with fun! Travel, especially in groups, is one way to do just that. ‘The best part of a trip is if it’s on someone’s bucket list and you get to be with them as they experience it,’ says Colleen our Activities and Lifestyle Director. Now is your time to live the life you’ve always dreamed. Have an adventure, make memories and start friendships – that is what the Noble’s Pond community is all about!

So, plan to check off that thing on your list
By making a reality what was once just a wish.
Just clear some dates and sign your name
To start living life like Dr. Suess proclaims:
“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

May your spirit soar with adventure. Bon Voyage!